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A Home For Good

Hope's Journey is a housing program designed to give every man in our community that struggles with housing and that wants to change, the fundamental skills they need to lead a healthy, self-sufficient, and Christ-centered life.

By providing a stable and caring home we hope to create an environment in which our neighbors can learn how to care for themselves. We will provide the information, framework and spiritual support needed to reach this goal. 

We hope that each person who joins our house will accomplish the goal of self-reliance through a planned program lasting six months to a year. We hope that through being in our house, our residents will learn the skills the need to go from being homeless to having a home for good.

Filling The Service Gap

The idea for Hope's Journey came out of seeing how great of a need there was in the Harrison area for a program for homeless men.

Hope's Journey is not a drop-in homeless shelter or an addiction treatment center. There are many addiction treatment centers in the Cincinnati area and we do not believe that there is a need for more of those at the moment. We also do not believe that drop-in shelters actually treat the root cause of homelessness, but instead treat a symptom. Drop-in shelters also encourage homeless people to come to that area, which ultimately hurts the community the drop-in shelters are in, instead of helping. 

Instead, we wanted to fill the service gap from addiction treatment to a regular life. Many homeless people have very little money or possessions and no support system. We want to give those people in our community the hope that if they go to rehab, they will have a place to go when they get out.

The way our ministry works, we do not incentivize homeless people who aren't already in our community to come to our community. Instead we incentivize the homeless people who are in our community to get into rehabilitation programs and off the streets because they know they will have a support system to help them get their life back on track when they get out. 

Hope's Journey makes sure that all of our residents are employed and have transportation to and from work. Since our residents are drug tested before they come in, are drug tested while in the house, and are under consistent observation by our two live in managers, employers who hire Hope's Journey residents can be confident that they will be at work, on time and sober. 

We are not bringing homeless people to the Harrison area, but instead getting homeless people off the streets, into their own homes and with gainful employment. A community is only as strong as its weakest members. We believe that by helping these men to get off the streets and into a stable house, we are improving the community as a whole.

House Manager:

Joe Lorenz

Joe Lorenz

House Manager

Our Board:

Donald J. Meyer 


Hope's Journey is responding to those already living in Harrison on the side of the road in our community and who are broken and need to be restored.  That is why we setup Hope's Journey as a non-profit 501(c)(3) to work on this mission and I am grateful to be serving as President of the Board."

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