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A Home For Good

Hope's Journey is a housing program designed to give every man in our community that struggles with housing and that wants to change, the fundamental skills they need to lead a healthy, self-sufficient, and Christ-centered life.

Hope's Journey is not a drop in shelter for the homeless. There is an application process. Hope's Journey is open to all men in the Cincinnati TriState area. 

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The Journeys Of Aaron and Jonathan


A teammate met Aaron while serving as a chaplain at the Hamilton County Justice Center. They developed a connection and friendship since both were from Harrison. They met once a week for spiritual direction and to discuss plans for Aaron's reentry into society upon release. Several job possibilities were discussed where Aaron could apply. The biggest obstacle to his successful return back into society was finding a place to live.

 Aaron had friends in Harrison and for a time he did some "couch surfing" but Aaron eventually found himself on the street with nowhere to go. There wasn't a shelter for men experiencing homelessness in the Harrison area. Without stable living accommodations Aaron eventually found trouble with the police and ended up back in the Justice Center.


Jonathan's life appeared hopeless barring a miracle. Amazingly, Jonathan blames no one for his horrific childhood, "l was a rotten, bad kid," he admits. Jonathan graduated from marijuana and alcohol to opiates and spent 10 of his 32 years in prison. Jonathan overdosed twice on heroin and was brought back to life. 

At the beginning of January 2019, Jonathan entered a shelter for men experiencing homelessness in Cincinnati called the Catholic Worker House. While some guests grumbled about the rules, Jonathan embraced the environment, "The Catholic Worker House is a great place; the rules make it orderly and comfortable." It was in this stable and safe place, Jonathan says, that he relinquished his will to God – and his miraculous transformation ensued. 

Jonathan, now 15 months sober has arrived at a place where he can contribute. He states it simply, "l try to help people". Jonathan has that opportunity as a new staff member at the Catholic Worker House. Jonathan remains intensely earnest despite his difficult past and is strident and serious about his lasting recovery. He says,"l now have a welcome feeling of both freedom and responsibility. I pay my bills, I'm no longer on probation and I have a driver's license. I'm not duckin' and dodgin' any longer." Jonathan was able to happily reconnect with his 11-year-old daughter, further motivating his lasting recovery.